Cookies policy


1. Administrator – Trustisto Sp z o.o., with registered address at: ul. Aleje Jerozolimskie 181B, 02-222 Warszawa, registered in the Central Registration on Business (KRS) database, Tax ID (NIP): 7011075703, National Business Registry Number (REGON): 521298542.

2. Cookies – IT data, small text files which are saved and stored on appliances used by user to search administrator’s website.

3. Appliance – electronic appliance via which the user gains the access to the administrator’s website.

4. User – refers to the entity for the benefit of which the electronically supplied services are rendered pursuant to legal regulations, or with which the agreement for providing services by electronic means may be concluded.


1. Administrator uses the cookies through the website.

2. Information gathered through cookies is used to optimize the website activities as well as for statistic and marketing purposes.

3. Cookies record the user’s activity by identifying the appliance. Owing to that, the website is displayed based on the individual user preferences.

4. Solutions provided by the administrator’s website are secure for the user’s appliances. It is impossible for the user’s appliances to be infected with the malware or malicious software.

5. Administrator makes uses of two types of Cookies.

a) session Cookies: files which are stored on the user’s appliance till the end of a given browser session. Any saved information is permanently removed from the memory of the appliance. Session cookies mechanism shall not allow to retrieve any personal or confidential data from the user’s appliance.

b) persistent Cookies: they are stored on the user’s appliance until they are removed. End of a browser session or switching off the appliance do not remove the cookies. Persistent cookies mechanism shall not allow to retrieve any personal or confidential data from the user’s appliance.


1. User can limit or deactivate the cookies access to his/her appliance. In such a case, it is possible to use the website apart from the functionalities which require cookies by their nature.

2. At any time, user can change the cookies on his/her own setting by defining the storage conditions and gaining the access to his/her appliance. The settings changes described above can be made by changing the browser settings or by using the configuration service. These changes can be made set to block the automatic service of cookies in the browser or to be informed about cookies each time. Details about cookies service are available in software settings (browser settings).

3. At any time, user can remove cookies by using functions available in the browser.

4. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities on the administrator’s website.