Build trust in your store.

With Trustisto notifications your customers are more likely to buy and shop more frequently.
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Building up trust means benefits

Having gained trust, your store sells more products and more frequently,
and the customers make spontaneous purchases and are more willing to come back.

More customers
are willing to make purchases.
The customers complete the order more frequently. They are less likely to discard the basket.
The customers decide spontaneously
to make a purchase.
The customers will return to your store.

How to build trust?

Use Social proof to build trust in your store.

Social proof

How to show that you are trustworthy

Social Proof (also known as informational social influence) is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.

This pattern may be successfully implemented in online shopping.

Wikipedia, Social Proof


Build trust with Trustisto

With Trustisto you will win your customers’ trust and they will be more likely to purchase at your store. Let's see how it works.


a few minutes ago, 5 minutes ago, 10 times today

Information when a given product was purchased recently or how many orders were made only today builds trust to both the product and your store. Such information ensures the buyer that the product is worth purchasing since others have bought it.

Notification when was the last time the product was purchased
Notification how many people have bought a given product

8 people are viewing this product...

in total: 120 people have seen this product today.

Information about the number of people viewing a given product will encourage the customer to make a purchase. With this additional information that a product is being sold quickly a customer will be for sure more inclined to complete the order.

... and more.
Extend Trustisto functionalities with our API
With API you can save any event on your website
and transform it to social proof.
Notification how many people have bought a given product
Easy installation at your store
Thanks to integration with many platform the installation will take a second.
All you need to do is install a Trustisto plug-in.
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Trustisto also for
landing pages

We designed and built Trustisto with versatility in mind. Social proof mechanisms may be successfully employed in landing pages, SaaS, classified advertisements websites, etc. Feel free to contact us if you need advice on how to employ social proof on your website.

  • Great tool. Verified with A/B testing. When the results confirmed that displaying Trustisto notifications increased our sales by 20%, without hesitation we bought the Premium Plan for the entire year in order to embed the widget in another 2 stores we own. High class support. You realise it when you ask about an option and after 2 minutes you get a reply that there is an upgrade scheduled for the next day. This is how the best start-ups are created. We highly recommend this tool.

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    Grzegorz Żeber,
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